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Bypassing several layers of middlemen makes direct sales so efficient that the producer groups can double their income and also pay a 10 percent commission to your favorite charity (see Fundraiser).  Please tell all your friends to tell their friends about this remarkable marketplace by sending emails or one-click postings to Facebook and Twitter from any page on this marketplace or any of its catalogs.
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Featured Products

Itemcode: LHKS-24-16
$ 139 More >>
Itemcode: ss2-rs
$ 504 More >>
Height 6.75 inch
Itemcode: ps-2
$ 56.35 More >>
Itemcode: t2-rs
$ 114 More >>
Height 5.25 inch
Itemcode: ED-2-007
$ 19.74 More >>
Stone Mosic Earrings
Itemcode: ED-1-010
$ 19.99 More >>
Small Pewter Butterfly Ara earrings jeweltone resin colors; fine silver pewter, hypo-allergenic surgical ear wires
Itemcode: AL-BZ-009
$ 27 More >>
Wide 6 cm - inches Dear Heart Silver Overlay Bracelet. Adjustable. German Silver alloy overlaid with silver.
Itemcode: BZ-011
$ 27 More >>
Adjustable Stone Mosaic Bracelet Inlayed in Alpaca Alloy Overlayed with Silver
Itemcode: dkbkt-16-18
$ 38 More >>